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Virtual Meetings and Online Conferencing is now part of our daily lives. With this shift comes a new landscape of challenges for businesses on the most effective ways to connect with their customers and employees.


We have been able leverage from our extensive technical experience in the corporate event industry to  provide expert technical direction and support for all forms and sizes of Virtual Meetings and Online Conferences.

We are proud to be working with some of the worlds leading brands to help them stay connected with their audiences, to continue to roll out their schedule of events for the year and deliver slicker, higher production Virtual Meetings and Online Conferences in this new era in global communication.

From simply educating executive teams on how to setup their home equipment more effectively, to better online presenting techniques, through to guiding event companies on the best way to design large scale, complex hybrid event experiences. It is a challenge navigating the best way to fuse together the live and virtual environments and we are ready to help.

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"Start with setting up your web camera slightly elevated above eye level. Make sure you are facing a good light source and remember to talk to the camera lens, not down at your monitor or notes"

Mike Flynn

Technical Director for Oracle Virtual Forum 2020

Can we help you with your Virtual Meetings or Events?

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