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We provide professional corporate and event photography on the Gold Coast & Brisbane. 

For over two decades, we've worked with a wide range of businesses, brands and agencies across a diversity of industry types. 

We believe that content matters and that photography can speak a thousand words. 


The Palms Agency is an event photography agency, led by Mike Flynn. We specialise in high-quality corporate and event photography on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

We are passionate about bringing our clients' stories and special moments to life through exceptional visual photography. We take time to understand the specific needs of our clients, we seamlessly blend into the event, work discreetly, and capture images that are impactful and align with the objectives required.  

The Palms Agency was founded in 2015 by Mike Flynn in Sydney, Australia. As word of mouth spread, we expanded our operations to beautiful Indonesia. By 2017 we had brought on board a larger team of content creators to help clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Bali and Jakarta.

In 2021 we moved operations and event photography to the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia.

Mike Flynn / Founder & Senior Photographer


Mike is a leading event photographer, creative producer and storyteller with over 22 years of experience working on projects for the likes of George P. Johnson, Marriott International, Google and The Asian Games.

He is a master at leading large teams, juggling multiple deadlines to deliver outstanding results. All driven by his passion for creating beautiful photography and goose-bump inducing audience experiences.


Born in Sydney Australia, Mike has been fortunate to experience living in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, India and Indonesia. Budding from an education grounded in visual arts, photography and music production, Mike began his corporate event career during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney as an audio-visual technician. For over two decades, Mike has worn many professional hats including production manager, technical director, creative producer, business owner and professional event photographer.


Today, Mike leverages his experience to offer world-class photography on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 


Mike can be guaranteed to lead your project to success with his signature infectious enthusiasm and passion for outstanding photography.

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